Name of Assignment/Activity

Erasure Poetry Assignment

Type of Assignment


Course Type

Literature Courses

Specific Courses used In

Intro to Lit


Fall 2017


In this exercise, students working with erasure/blackout poetry were encouraged to create a piece of erasure poetry on their own, using an existing, culturally enshrined, source text. The objectives are twofold: for them to express themselves creatively and feel, as they "write in resistance to a text," that their attitudes in response to a (canonical) text do not have to be reverential, but may in fact be productively subversive; in so doing, the students also, by integrating graphics and audio from a basic Word document, (in most cases) learn with my how help how to make a simple software tool like Microsoft Word much richer, robust, and sophisticated.


Affect, Annotation, Authorship, Collaboration, Makerspaces, Play, Poetry, Remix, Social Justice