HSN, Inc.: Weathering the retail storm.

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James A. Fellows

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January 2011

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December 2013




This case was developed through the use of secondary research material. The case has a difficulty level of five and is appropriate to be analyzed and discussed by advanced undergraduate and graduate students in a strategic management or accounting class. The case allows the instructor the flexibility of concentrating on one strategic issue, or examining the entire strategic management process as well as complicated financial accounting reporting. The major focus within the strategic analysis as well as excellent stand-alone modules is in the area of legal/political influence, economic, accounting, or the ability to survive in an unattractive industry. The instructor should allow approximately one class period for each element addressed. Using a cooperative learning method, student groups should require about two hours of outside research on each element researched. The case also provides an impetus to explore a once very successful company that existed as a member of a major conglomerate to a stand-alone operation facing significant start-up issues under the new arrangement.


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