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White Paper

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disability, assistive technology, OS, adult learning, faculty development, faculty life, higher education, screen reader, ergonomics, innovation, instructional planning, intervention, lifelong learning


Pre-publication version of a chapter about the assistive technology tools and resources available for free in Windows OS and Mac OS. Introducing higher education faculty to free resources, features and programs which they can recommend to their students or perhaps use for themselves (for instance for fading eyesight or hearing). In addition, the chapter briefly shares strategies and examples of how they might be used.

The book will have an entire chapter dedicated to assistive technology as well. This is a popularized assistive technology chapter for generalist, NON special education, faculty to become acquainted with readily available and free resources.

Again, this is a PRE-PUB version of my forthcoming chapter in this new book. To order the final book please visit the publisher site: