Hybrid Adsorption and Biological Treatment System (HABiTS) for Enhanced Nitrogen Removal in Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

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Ion exchange, nitrification, on-site wastewater treatment, zeolit


A Hybrid Adsorption and Biological Treatment System (HABiTS ) was investigated for efficient nitrification in on-site wastewater treatment. Variable septic tank effluent loading experiments were carried out in bench-scale columns, with and without zeolite addition. Enhanced NH4+-N removal (80%) was observed in the HABiTS column that combined expanded clay and clinoptilolite compared with a control column with only expanded clay (73%) during phases with high nitrogen loads. The enhancement was attributed to NH4+ adsorption by clinoptilolite during high loading rate periods and subsequent bioregeneration by nitrifying bacteria during low loading rate periods. Similar treatment efficiency for the both the HABiTS and control column was observed during low loading rate periods.

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13th IWA Specialized Conference on Small Water & Wastewater Systems, 10 p.