Quantifying the Benefit of the Kinetic Crutch Tip

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This research focuses on the difference between the Kinetic Crutch Tip (KCT) and a Standard Rubber Tip. Additionally, the effect of KCT stiffness on the crutch gait cycle and the reaction forces were investigated. This study also examined the maximum backward angle that a crutch is able to move forward without any external forces as well as the ratio of positive to negative horizontal forces were considered. The results were obtained in two ways: one by having subjects walk on the crutches and another to reduce the variability of human walking by measuring the resulting motion only using weights attached to the crutch tip. The results of this measurement indicate an increase in maximum backward angle for Kinetic Crutch Tips. This increase in the rotation angle shows an improvement in forward motion of the crutch.

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2017 International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR), p. 424-429