Quasi-Static Multiaxial Testing of PBX 9501: Creep effects on Estane Molecular Weight

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High explosives (HE) can be subjected to low level loading due to weapon design. As with other materials, loads well below the elastic limit may still lead to material property changes over time. PBX 9501, a conventional high explosive, has been used in several system designs. To evaluate potential environmental aging effects on HE, it is necessary to characterize material-flow and mechanical-property changes occurring in PBX 9501. Low-level loads may bring about material changes if creep related phenomena, such as polymer disentanglement or uncrosslinking, occur in the material. Recently, several studies on HE have increased understanding of the effects of density and the relative percentage of constituents on materials properties, e.g. elastic modulus, ultimate strength, and strain at ultimate strength, at low strain rates ({approx} 10{sup {minus}3} to 10{sup {minus}1} s{sup {minus}1}). However, the authors are only beginning to understand the effects of quasi-static multiaxial loading on PBX 9501 and Estane molecular weight (MW) changes. The results of these experiments are presented in this report.

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22nd Aging, Compatability and Stockpile Stewardship Conference, p. 653-654