Meshed Rectangular Waveguide for High Power Low Loss and Reduced Weight Applications

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3D printing, additive manufacturing, binder jetting, cavity filter, grid, meshed waveguide, rectangular waveguide, waveguides

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Additive manufacturing technologies are increasingly being demonstrated to be useful for microwave circuits, showing improved performance in multiple cases. In this work, a meshed rectangular waveguide structure is presented as an option for high power, low loss, but also reduced weight applications. A set of meshed Ku band waveguides was fabricated using binder jetting 3D printing technology showing that the weight can be reduced by 22% with an increase in loss of only 5%, from 0.019 dB/cm for the solid part to 0.020 dB/cm average across the band with the meshed design. Further weight reduction is possible if higher loss is allowed. To demonstrate the concept, a comparison is made between non-meshed and meshed waveguide 4 pole Chebyshev filters.

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2016 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS)