Communication and Gamification in the Web-Based Foreign Language Educational System: Web-Based Foreign Language Educational System

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The paper describes development of the educational online web communication platform for teaching and learning foreign languages. The main objective was to develop a web application for teaching foreigners to understand casual fluent speech. The system is based on the time bank principle, allowing users to teach others their native language along with taking foreign language lessons. The system is based on the WebRTC technology, allowing users to access synchronized teaching materials along with seeing and hearing each other. The paper describes studies associated with user involvement in the learning/teaching process. The hypothesis whether two previously unfamiliar individuals could communicate with each other using a foreign language, based on the developed system algorithms, was tested. System virality, where new users are attracted by the existing users was also studied, along with user motivation for viral behavior. Relationships between monetization, virality and user involvement were also considered.

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International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies, v. 11, issue 4, p. 22-34