Impacts of Multiple Laser Shock Processing on Microstructure and Mechanical Property of High-Carbon Steel

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Laser shock processing, High-carbon steel, Ultrafine-grained microduplex structure, Mechanical property

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Multiple laser shock processing (LSP) impacts on microstructures and mechanical properties were investigated through morphological determinations and hardness testing. Microscopic results show that without equal channel angular pressing (ECAP), the LSP-treated lamellar pearlite was transferred to irregular ferrite matrix and incompletely broken cementite particles. With ECAP, LSP leads to refinements of the equiaxed ferrite grain in ultrafine-grained microduplex structure from 400 to 150 nm, and the completely spheroidized cementite particles from 150 to 100 nm. Consequentially, enhancements of mechanical properties were found in strength, microhardness and elongations of samples consisting of lamellar pearlite and ultrafine-grained microduplex structure. After LSP, a mixture of quasi-cleavage and ductile fracture was formed, different from the typical quasi-cleavage fracture from the original lamellar pearlite and the ductile fracture of the microduplex structure.

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Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, v. 25, p. 469-475