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metallurgy, nanoparticles, thermodynamics analysis, microstructure, ferritic steel

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Based on the Wagner’s formalism combined with mass conservation, a thermodynamic analysis method has been developed previously. This method enables the calculation of the equilibrium matrix composition, precipitate composition and precipitate total molar fraction for TixOy(s) in molten metal, which can be determined at any appropriate temperature. In this present study, the Ti3O5 phase precipitation and the quantitative relationship between the addition of Ti, O and Ti3O5 in the molten steel were studied using the thermodynamic model. Using the combined multipoint dispersion supply method, electromagnetic stirring and well-dispersed 5-nm Ti3O5 nanoparticles were fabricated in the ferrite matrix of the as-cast high-strength steel with 0.05 wt % Ti—0.002 wt % O. The as-cast microstructure was improved by the homogeneously dispersed Ti3O5 nanoparticles through heterogeneous nucleation and grain refinement.

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Materials, v. 11, issue 8, art. 1343