Semi-Infinite Strip Problem in the Mechanics of Composite Materials

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elasticity, bimaterial interface, semi-infinite strip, singularities

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Many problems, ranging from interface-fiber fracture to determining the strength of fiber-matrix interfaces in composites, can be greatly assisted by a complete understanding of the boundary value problem of a semi-infinite strip. The specific boundary value problem of a semi-infinite strip with symmetric tractions on the transverse edges and normal loads on the end is investigated in the present study. The nature of the singular behavior in the slope of the end vertical displacement at the corner points is found. An asymptotic analysis of the solution shows that, depending on the nature of the applied stresses in the vicinity of the corner points, the singularity in the slope of the end vertical displacement may either be a power or logarithmic type, both, or not exist at all. Illustrative examples, for which exact or numerical results are known, are given. Numerical procedures are also given. The direct application of the results of the paper are illustrated for several problems in the mechanics of composite materials.

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Journal of Composites, Technology and Research, v. 13, issue 2, p. 65-77