Development and Assessment of Digital Audiovisual Youtube Lectures for an Engineering Course in Numerical Methods

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Cyberlearning is transforming education by offering course content through multiple context and platforms. As part of this transformation, this paper describes the experience of preparing, recording, uploading, organizing, and assessing audiovisual lectures for an engineering course in Numerical Methods. More than 250 short modular videos are currently available that cover the syllabus of a comprehensive undergraduate course in Numerical Methods for Engineers. The motivation for the development of the audiovisual lectures was based on a pilot study that showed that the examination performance and student satisfaction increased with the availability of audiovisual lectures. A final assessment of these resources made via a video analytics tool shows increasing popularity of the videos, gives insight into the audience attention, and presents demographics by gender, age, and geography.addition, a summative rating survey of the courseware shows significant increase in the value of the quality of content and enhancement in student learning.

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Computers in Education Journal, v. 21, issue 2, p. 89-97