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A kinetic shape (KS) is a smooth two- or three-dimensional shape that is defined by its predicted ground reaction forces as it is pressed onto a flat surface. A KS can be applied in any mechanical situation where position-dependent force redirection is required. Although previous work on KSs can predict static force reaction behavior, it does not describe the kinematic behavior of these shapes. In this article, we derive the equations of motion for a rolling two-dimensional KS (or any other smooth curve) and validate the model with physical experiments. The results of the physical experiments showed good agreement with the predicted dynamic KS model. In addition, we have modified these equations of motion to develop and verify the theory of a novel transportation device, the kinetic board, that is powered by an individual shifting their weight on top of a set of KSs.

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Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics, v. 2016, art. 8124015