Laser-Assisted Telerobotic Control for Enhancing Manipulation Capabilities of Persons with Disabilities

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In this paper, we demonstrate the use of range information from a laser sensor mounted on the end-effector of a remote robot manipulator to assist persons with limited upper body strength carry out Activities of Daily Living in unstructured environments. Laser range data is used to determine goals, identify targets, obstacles, and via points to enable autonomous execution of trajectories. The human operator is primarily involved in higher level decision making; the human user performs minimal teleoperation to identify critical points in the workspace with the laser pointer. Tests on ten healthy human subjects in executing a pick-and-place task showed that laser-based assistance not only increased the speed of task execution by an average of 26:9%while decreasing the physical effort by an average of 85:4%, but also made the task cognitively easier for the user to execute.

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2010 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, p. 5139-5144