John W. Egerton Papers

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Johns Committee Documents, Part 1 of 3


John W. Egerton



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May 1905

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A collection of documents given to the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (called the Johns Committee).


Academic freedom, Florida. Legislature. Senate, Florida. Legislature. Legislative Investigation Committee, John Stuart Allen (1907-1982), Charley E. Johns (1905-1990), Sigma Delta Chi, John W. Egerton (1935-2013)


136 pages

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Florida; Tampa (Fla.)

Physical Collection

John W. Egerton Papers







Media Type

Speeches (documents); Notes (documents); Excerpts; Lists (documents); Summaries; Rules of procedure; Memorandums; Bills (Legislative records); Invitations; Correspondence; Resolutions (administrative records); Lyric poetry


Dr. Allen's Address to the University of South Florida Faculty, May 21, 1962
Notes, June 5, 1963
Notes, July 10, 1963
Notes on Faircloth, October 21, 1963
Notes on Faircloth, August 30, 1963
April 1963 Notes
Notes on Popovich, October 29, 1963
Notes on Kelly Thompson, August 1962
Notes on Ben Hill Griffin, October 1962
Excerpt from Laws of Florida General Laws, 1961
List of Members of the Johns Committee
Draft, "Operation Abolition", August 1962
Questions on money
Recipient List of Mabel Chesley Articles
Notes, October 20, 1964
Notes on Louis de la Parte, September 4, 1963
Typewritten Summary, February 26, 1963
Rules of Procedure for the Legislative Investigation Committee
Notes, August 8, 1963
Memo, John W. Egerton to John S. Allen, July 22, 1963
Senate Bill No. 422, April 22, 1963
Senate Bill No. 420, April 22, 1963
Senate Bill No. 422, April 22, 1963
Journal of the House of Representatives, May 29, 1963
Invitation, Florida West Coast Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, December 1962
Letter to the Editor, August 25, 1962
Resolution of the Temple Terrace Ministerial Association, August 27, 1962
Resolution of the Higher Education Committee of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, August 30, 1962
Confidential Memo, Johns Committee
Statement by Charley E. Johns, June 7, 1962
Lyrics, "THAE Marching Song of the Really True Believer"
Address to Sigma Delta Chi, December 9, 1962
Senator Johns Talks with the Press
PU, USF's Illiteracy Journal, May 25, 1962
Statements Made during the Concluding Days of the Johns Committee Investigation of USF, May 1962
"Students of U.S.F. Unite!"



Papers Relating to the Work of the Johns Committee, 1962 - October 1963 and undated



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