John W. Egerton Papers

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Correspondence Part 6


John W. Egerton



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November 1961


A series of letters relating to the work of the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (often called the Johns Committee). Many of the letters are to or from members of the Committee. Also included is an interim report and budget for the Committee.


Academic freedom, John Stuart Allen (1907-1982), Charley E. Johns (1905-1990), Florida. Legislature. Legislative Investigation Committee, Denna Frank Fleming (1893-1980), Vanderbilt University


36 pages

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Florida; Tampa (Fla.); Starke (Fla.); Washington (D.C.); Brandon (Fla.); St. Petersburg (Fla.); Tallahassee (Fla.); Tarpon Springs (Fla.); Temple Terrace (Fla.); Pleasantville (N.Y.)

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Correspondence; Reports; Budgets; Telegrams

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John W. Egerton Papers

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Letter, H.J. Strickland to Mr. Sourwine
Letter, George B. Stallings to Charley E. Johns, November 28, 1961
Letter, Julian Lane to Charley E. Johns, April 13, 1962
Letter, Mark Hawes to Baya M. Harrison, July 27, 1962
Letter, Charley E. Johns to Roy H. McClallan, June 19, 1964
Letter, Charley E. Johns to Jerry Mock, April 12, 1963
Letter, Richard O. Mitchell to F. Wilson Carraway, March 11, 1964
Interim Report, Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, March 1964
Budget, Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, January 1964
Letter, Andrew J. Garcia to John W. Egerton, April 29, 1963
Letter, John W. Egerton to Andrew J. Garcia, April 25, 1963
Letter, Donald R. Harkness to Tom Whitaker, April 19, 1963
Letter to the Editor of the Tampa Tribune from Martin Sacks, April 19, 1963
Letter, John W. Egerton to Michael S. Tormey, September 10, 1962
Letter, George Bleidt to Charley E. Johns, April 12, 1963
Telegram, Large Group to John S. Allen, April 24, 1963
Letter, Willis R. Doyle to John S. Allen, April 23, 1963
Letter, Paul H. Davis to John S. Allen, May 29, 1963
Letter, John E. Evans to Thomas D. Bailey, February 11, 1964
Letter, Thomas D. Bailey to John E. Evans, February 25, 1964
Letter, John E. Evans to Thomas D. Bailey, February 27, 1964



Correspondence to and from Members of the Johns Committee, November 1961 - February 1964



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