John W. Egerton Papers

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Academic Freedom Part 2 Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee)


John W. Egerton



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September 1962


A series of statements, proposed resolutions, and reports about academic freedom in relation to the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (also called the Johns Committee) and their investigation of the University of South Florida (USF).


Academic freedom, Florida. Legislature. Legislative Investigation Committee, Charley E. Johns (1905-1990), John Stuart Allen (1907-1982), Baya M. Harrison (1912-1975), American Civil Liberties Union, American Association of University Professors, American Association of University Women, Association of American Colleges, Florida. Board of Control


97 pages

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Florida; Tampa (Fla.); Jacksonville (Fla.)

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Remarks; Resolutions (administrative records); Reports; Speeches (documents); Memorandums

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John W. Egerton Papers

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"Statement of Policy on Academic Freedom and Responsibilities," Given to Senate and Faculty, December 12, 1962
Statement, Baya Harrison, Chairman of Board of Control, December 7, 1962 Statement, "Implementations of the Recommendations Approved by the Board of Control on September 14, 1962" [2 copies]
Statement, "American Civil Liberties Union - Academic Freedom and Academic Responsibility"
Statement, "Statement by the President of Jacksonville University, Franklyn A. Johnson," November 7, 1962
Proposed Resolution, University of South Florida Senate, November 14, 1962
Memo, H.C. Kiefer to John W. Egerton, AAUP Report on Resignations, December 13, 1963
Report, "USF Chapter of AAUP Committee on Faculty Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities," December 4, 1963
Speech and Draft of Speech, Address to Sigma Delta Chi, November 1962
Procedures, "Procedures for Implementation of Board of Control Policy Statements on Academic Freedom and Responsibility," June 3, 1963
Report and Resolution, "Tampa Area AAUW Study of Aspects of Academic Freedom and of Legislative Investigation of Florida Universities" [2 copies]
Statement, September 1962 Response to Board of Control's Policy Statement
Statement, Baya Harrison, November 16, 1962
Proposed Policy, Board of Control, On Tenure and Dismissal for the State University System," August 13, 1963
Memo, Ralph E. Odum to Baya M. Harrison, Academic Freedom, November 13, 1962
Statement, "American Association of University Professors and Association of American Colleges - 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure"



Statements, Proposed Resolutions and Reports about Academic Freedom, September 1962 - December 1963 and undated



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