Utility Grid: Present Challenges and Their Potential Solutions

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Utility electric grid is expected to face some of the major challenges modern power generation, and distribution systems will pose in the years to come. In this paper, a complete overview of those challenges is presented, for the first time, with proper detailed explanation and their implication. Smart grid security, power system generation and distribution side complications, integration of renewable energy systems, storage devices, modern equipment, and technologies make modern-day power generation and transmission more complex than ever. Thus, the utility grid requires major renovations and upgraded protection schemes to adapt to these changes. The required solutions with discussions are also presented in this paper. In addition, the challenges are classified according to their severity, and the solutions that are best suited to mitigate each challenge are also identified. Challenges of the modern utility grid and their prospective solutions are expected to open up a lot of opportunities for researchers around the world, who work toward improving the utility by adopting latest technologies.

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IEEE Access, v. 6, p. 60294-60317