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Technical Report

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Paratransit services, Planning, United States, Costs, Land use


This study uses written and telephone surveys of social service facilities whose clients include likely paratransit users to determine the extent to which the availability and cost of paratransit services are factored into facility location decisions. Numerous cross tabulations of survey responses are presented. The study also develops a classification of facility types based on their clients' relative use of paratransit services. The study concludes that the availability of transportation is an important factor in social service facilities' location decisions but that the cost of transportation is not. usually because of third-party payment of the transportation cost. The study suggests that economically efficient location decisions will require that the third-party funders of transportation exert influence on the location decision process.

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Paratransit and Land Use: Facility Siting Considerations, Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida, 84 p.