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Transportation, Faith based groups, transportation amenity, transportation-faith based amenity


The church was chosen as an alternative means of transportation because of its present ownership of vehicles (typically vans or buses) which are able to transport many persons simultaneously, In addition. the transportation amenities (vans and buses) are usually idle driving the week when the demand of transportation is high. It is possible that the church will agree to be an alternative transportation provider if there are useful incentives that would provide advantages for them. These incentives include: discount on gasoline, maintenance of church vehicles, lowered insurance rates for church vehicles and other related incentives.

This report identifies the church as a potential alternative source of special-need urban transit and studies the attitudes and opinions of churches across the State of Florida. Using traditional correlation and regression techniques, a relationship between general characteristics and transit services could be obtained. In addition, a concept of the potential for the church to become a transportation alternative, the attitudes and interests of the church were required. Based on these findings, recommendations and conclusions could be drawn which would better define the role of the church, and possibly, an additional alternatives to the transportation dilemma. Therefore, a questionnaire was developed and administered to assess churches willingness to be used as a means of alternative transportation. Respondents were asked questions from two general areas (1) whether the church would strongly agree or disagree to transport its parishioners to different locations and (2) general demographical information about the church and its current transportation vehicles. Results demonstrated positive interest for providing transportation to medical facilities and social services while transportation to work received negative support. Indifference was shown toward sight seeing opportunities, errands and appointments.

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The Church: an Alternative Urban Transportation Amenity, Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida, 98 p.