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Transportation education, public involvement

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Public involvement in local transportation decision-making is key to achieving a safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation system that meets the needs of all system users. Meaningful participation in the transportation decision-making process is best achieved when citizens are empowered with information and knowledge to help them navigate complex topics like transportation policy, multimodal planning best practices, budgeting, and the layered organizational context in which these decisions are made. With new transportation projects being planned and constructed throughout the Tampa Bay region, more education is needed to guide citizens toward a better understanding of how they can engage in the process and how projects can and are being shaped to advance important issues, such as transportat ion safety, social equity, community return on investment, active mobility for public health, and creating more sustainable cities. The Tampa Bay Citizens’ Academy on Transportation introduces citizens in the Tampa Bay region to the information they need to be effective ambassadors for projects that achieve a safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation system in the community. It was designed for interested citizens, advocates, transportation enthusiasts, and people involved or working in transportation.

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