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As of the 2008-2009 school year, the high school graduation rate for black students in Pinellas County was only 60% compared to a 77% overall rate. COQEBS (Concerned Organization for Quality Education for Black Students) has a goal of closing that achievement gap and preparing black students to start pre-k on an equal footing is one of their objectives. In May 2011 they hosted a school readiness workshop as part of their efforts. In this video clip hosted on the JWBPinellas YouTube channel, Eddie Burch, Communications Specialist of the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County, Children’s Services Council, provided background information and highlights of the School Readiness Workshop offered by COQEBS. D. Gay Lancaster, Executive Director of the Juvenile Welfare Board Children’s Services Council, discussed the costs of educating young people versus the costs of imprisonment. Dr. James McHale, Professor of Psychology at USF St. Petersburg, demonstrated some techniques that parents could use to develop learning skills in their children. Students from USF St. Petersburg worked with parents in a Baby Talk lab.


Link to a 3 minute 25 second video hosted on the JWBPinellas YouTube channel.

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