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Eleanor Yeomans



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April 2020



Corclima is an organization that works closely with the Monteverde Institute and the Monteverde community to promote climate resilience and to help people make significant sustainable actions within their own homes. They help the community in lots of different ways with different plans and actions. Mostly they help facilitate action and motivate people to help out in those actions (Corclima). Originally, I was hoping to work with them and interview members of the community about biking and Corclima’s biking initiatives specifically. When did they begin cycling, what got them interested etc. However, due to the Coronavirus, this no longer became an option. I continued to work with Corclima creating a powerpoint and information graphics for them. From making these graphics and talking to Katy, my supervisor at Corclima in this endeavor, I was able to learn about why Corclima is promoting biking, and how they are doing it. I also learned about what they view as the primary reasons people choose to start cycling as well as reasons why people may be hesitant to do so. Most of my work for Corclima during this time, along with my own personal research, was to create materials for the programs they currently have and to enhance the knowledge they currently have through my research. While looking at their website, I discovered that there are not many materials surrounding biking, even though it is something they are trying to encourage in the community. They have many different bullet points as to how you can lower the amount of emissions you produce by making changes to your methods of transportation, but they don’t explain why they are recommending these actions besides the assumed ‘it will help to lower emissions’ (Corclima).



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