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Sexting, Sex, Texting, Child Pornography, Legal Issues, Ethical Issues

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'Sexting, the portmanteau of Sex and Texting, has become a hot topic of debate between the legislators, researchers, educators, parents and teens' (Jaishankar, 2009, para 1). In spite of the considerable and growing body of literature on sexting, there are significant gaps in the current research. A review of research to date also reveals a dearth of cross-national and cross-cultural research on the topic of sexting. Notably, legal and ethical issues abound with the current method for punishing and deterring adolescents who engage in sexting as some countries view sexting as a form of child pornography. Hence, the imperative need to scientifically assess the issue of sexting is envisaged and this special issue was proposed. This special issue includes five original articles that attempt to address the gaps in the extant body of research on sexting and issues with the current legislation and prosecution of adolescents and adults who engage in sexting.

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International Journal of Cyber Criminology, v. 11, issue 2, p. 161-168