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Stalking, Formal Coping Strategies, Informal Coping Strategies, Same-Sex Stalking, Opposite-Sex Stalking, Victims

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The purpose of the current study is to explore the correlates of informal and formal coping strategies in same-sex and opposite-sex stalking contexts. More specifically, using four sex dyads - female victims who were stalked by a male (M-F), male victims who were stalked by a female (F-M), female victims who were stalked by a female (F-F), and male victims who were stalked by a male (M-M) - this study examined the effects of three incident and four victim and offender characteristic variables on six informal and formal coping strategies. The results reveal more similarities than differences in terms of victim help-seeking behaviors among same-sex and opposite-sex stalking cases. However, there were also notable differences among the four sex dyads.

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International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences, v. 13, issue 1, p. 230-246