Submissions from 2017


Using Collaborative Self-Study Methods to Explore Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Higher Education, Heejeong Sophia Han, Eugenia Vomvoridi-Ivanovic, Jennifer Jacobs, Zorka Karanxha, and Allan Feldman


Voices from Diverse Freshman Students: How Arts Integration Impacted their Learning, A. Helene Robinson

Submissions from 2008


A Test of a Measure for Assessing Teachers' Judgments about Social Interaction Practices in the Preschool Years, Kristen M. Kemple, Hae Kyoung Kim, Stacy M. Ellis, and Heejeong Sophia Han

Submissions from 2007

Supporting Teachers’ use of Second Step Violence Prevention Program in Preschool Programs: University of Florida and the Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County, K. Kemple, V. Stark, L. Blakeslee, S. Ellis, C. Gallingane, Heejeong Sophia Han, and H. Kim

Submissions from 2006


Components of Social Competence and Strategies of Support: Considering What to Teach and How, Heejeong Sophia Han and Kristen Mary Kemple