Student television in America: Channels of change.


Student television in America: Channels of change.

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As student television stations proliferate -- quadrupling in the last decade, by some accounts -- the need for information about their management and operation has become acute. Student Television in America, the first book of its kind, meets this need by compiling all that is known about running and advising a student television station. For both students and advisors in college or high school, for those with over-the-air stations, cable-access programming, closed-circuit dormitory broadcasts, or clubs, the book offers practical and conceptual insights into all aspects of their complex enterprise. The authors detail what it takes to operate a student television station from start-up to programming, from business concerns to public relations. Using case studies of successful stations, they examine current practices in student television and look ahead to its future in light of Internet TV and webcasting. Much more than a how-to manual, the authors' book considers the role of student television from the perspectives of journalism, ethics, and multicultural influences. It also places the medium of student television within its historical, contemporary, and future contexts. A unique and invaluable resource, the book clearly identifies what students and advisors can expect to put into the process of developing a student television station, and what they can gain from the process.



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Student television in America: Channels of change.