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Oniscidea, Phylogeny, new subfamily, Ligiidae, Ligiaidea

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Background: Oniscidea is the only truly terrestrial taxon within the Crustacea, and vital to soil formation. However, the monophyly of suborder Oniscidea has been in dispute since 1995, with different studies disagreeing on whether the coastal Ligiidae are included within the suborder. To clarify the phylogenetic hypothesis of suborder Oniscidea, we sequenced the complete mitochondrial genomes of Ligia exotica (Roux, 1828) and Mongoloniscus sinensis (Dollfus, 1901).

Results: Like most metazoan, the complete mitogenomes of two species with circular double strands. The structure and characters of mitogenomes of these two species are analyzed. The constructed phylogenetic analyses show that Oniscidea is polyphyletic group, with Ligia being more closely related to marine isopods (Valvifera + Cymothoida + Sphaeromatidea).

Conclusions: We elevate the taxonomic status of the family Ligiidae to the suborder Ligiaidea which are with parallel rank with Oniscidea. Ligiaidea is much primitive than other exact terrestrial isopods. Crinocheta are strongly monophyly, family Agnaridae is more closely related to Porcellionidae rather than Armadillididae.

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