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Statistical Report

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Sediment Nutrient, Surface Sediment, Seasonal Nutrient


The City of Tampa is planning a study of sediment nutrient exchange rates in Hillsborough Bay, Florida. The study will supply the FDER Water Quality Analysis Section with information to refine the mathematical modeling of Hillsborough Bay for wasteload allocation. The initial effort, Phase I, will produce a map of Hillsborough Bay identifying areas of "sandy" and "muddy" sediments, and to estimate the areal coverage of these sediment types. The secondary effort, Phase II, will estimate seasonal nutrient exchange rates for "sandy" and "muddy" sediments at a minimum of two locations in Hillsborough Bay. The seasonal estimates of sediment nutrient exchange rates, in conjunction with knowledge of sediment distributions and areal coverage, will greatly improve the estimate of total nutrient exchange from the sediments of Hillsborough Bay.