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Statistical Report

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The size classification of surficial bed sediments in upper Tampa Bay, Florida, including Hillsborough Bay, Old Tampa Bay, and middle Tampa Bay south of the Interbay Peninsu la, was determined during 1987-89. Fathometer transects were performed throughout the study area to determine the reflective characteristics of the bed, and grab samples were collected to relate the fathometer data to size classifications of sediments. The data collected during this study indicate that fine bed sediments are most abundant in Hillsborough Bay and least abundant in the southern part of the study area closest to the mouth of Tampa Bay. Generally, the sediments are coarse (mean particle diameter greater than 62.5 microns) in the nearshore shallow water and are finer in the extensive, level, and relatively deep parts of upper Tampa Bay. These size classification data were used to select resuspension monitoring sites in large areas of homogeneous bed sediments in Old Tampa Bay and in Hillsborough Bay.


u.s. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 91-4070