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During 1979 at least 65,948 air quality samples were collected and analyzed from 146 sampling stations throughout Hillsborough County. Enclosed maps attempt to depict the cleaner and dirtier areas of Hillsborough County, while data summaries show where and how often air quality standards were exceeded during 1979.

During 1979, 54 salt water sampling stations were monitored for 40 parameters resulting in 25,151 samples; while 24 fresh water stations were monitored for 53 parameters resulting in 7,588 samples. Sampling averages for each parameter were ranked from lowest to highest (1-54), with the similar rankings assigned to tied average parameters. Lowest ranking numbers were considered "best" water quality while highest ranking numbers were considered "worst" water quality.


The Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission gratefully acknowledges the efforts of the many individuals representing both public and private sectors for their input to this report.

We also thank the follOWing former employees for their contributions: Steve Ashmore Steve Hermeston Michael Silcott Diane DeCarlo Frank Julian Joni Fuchs John Banks Kay McCormick Jan McGee Tom Kunneke Joe Smith Linda Lendowski Dwayne Guthrie David Lindsey Steve Mortellaro Debbie Jones Hallie Calig Jose Rodriguez Candy Mulhern

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