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Statistical Report

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This paper presents trends in percent frequency of occurrence (PFOC) of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV). PFOC is defined as the number of times a seagrass or attached alga species is found within a specific data set of meter square placements divided by the total number of meter square placements within that data set. The data sets comprised of all meter square placements grouped either by management area (MA), bay subsection, or Tampa Bay as a whole. Ancillary data of SAV species annual PFOC, abundance, short shoot density (SSDm-2), and canopy height (cm) are presented in the appendix.


This project has been made possible through the auspices of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program. Special thanks are extended to Holly Greening who has facilitated the coordination and implementation of the seagrass monitoring program. Field collections were conducted by personnel from: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission - Florida Marine Research Institute, Hillsborough County Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve, Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission (EPC), Manatee County Environmental Management Department, Pinellas County Department of Environmental Management, Tampa Bay Watch, Inc., and City of Tampa Bay Study Group. The generous contributions from these agencies and the hard work by their personnel have ensured the success of this project. The compilation of the collected information into this report was funded by the TBEP and the City of Tampa. Finally, the help of Kerry Hennenfent and John Pacowta with project management, data collection and compilation, and manuscript review is greatly appreciated.