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The final project monitoring results show that the manatee grass transplanting effort was completed successfully. First, the donor site monitoring indicated that disturbances caused by harvesting were fully mitigated within the two year study period. Second, about 1300m2 of manatee grass were established in an area previously devoid of this species. Third, at the end of the study period the per unit area above ground biomass of the restored manatee grass in several of the planting plots was similar to, or may have exceeded the biomass of the donor grass at the time of harvest. Finally, several of the restored meadows have been actively expanding in area coverage at a rate similar to natural growing manatee grass meadows.


The project was a joint effort of local agencies and organizations including: the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, Tampa Bay Watch, the City of Tampa Bay Study Group and the Coastal Resource Group, Inc. Funding for this project was provided by the Hillsborough County Environmental Recovery Fund. All study partners provided substantial in-kind contributions. Low altitude aerial photos were obtained with the kind assistance of the Tampa Police Aviation Unit.


The cover photo shows the planting area just south of the MacDill AFB in Middle Tampa Bay. The individual planting plots can be seen in the center foreground and the skyline of Tampa can be seen in the background. The picture was taken January 26, 2009.