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This report is one in a continuing series on environmental quality in the Anclote estuary near Tarpon Springs, Florida. Much of the base line ecological data now collected will be outlined here and in subsequent works. Full scale power plant operations are scheduled to commence during the summer of 1974 after which time documentation of the nature and degree of environmental impact by the power plant will begin.



Grateful acknowledgement is made to David Wallace, Department of Marine Science for his major contribution to the success of this project. The following people are acknowledged for their significant contribution:

Department of Marine Science Staff
S. Atkinson
L. Barnard
R. Cano
J. Erickson
G. Gallaher
M. Gorman
M. Harvey
G. Hayward
R. Johansson
J. Mashburn
R. Maurer
V. Maynard
L. Miller
S . Palmer
D. Riggins
A. Rolfes
S . Segall
C. Stiles
K. Warren
B. Weiss (36253 kB)
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