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This volume describes the "Box Model" of Tampa Bay that was developed as a part of a Wasteload Allocation Study contract between the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation and the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida. The first three volumes document the development of the validated two-dimensional hydraulic and water quality models that were developed for Tampa and Hillsborough Bays. Development of a "Box Model" represents an experiment in simplification of the solution of what has been an increasingly more complicated field of study.


The authors wish to acknowledge and thank the many local scientists who have directly and indirectly contributed to the development of this model . A partial list follows : C. R. Goodwin , Ph . D. - USGS ; W. Fehring , Ph .D. - Tampa Port Authority; R. Garrity , Ph.D . - FDER ; J . L. Simon , Ph .D. - USF; R. R. Lewis - Mangrove Systems, Inc . ; E. D. Estevez , Ph .D. - Mote Marine Lab ; S' K. Mahadevan , Ph . D. - Mote Marine Lab; D. Carpenter - Ci t y of Tampa; T. Hopkins , Ph . D. - Mar ine Science USF; J . T. Turner - Marine Science USF . ii