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Statistical Report

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This report summarizes the parameterization, calibration, testing, and an initial application of the mechanistic water quality model.


The authors thank the members of the Tampa Bay water quality model review committee for their assistance in the completion of this project. Particular thanks to Richard Boler and Tom Cardinale (Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission) for providing ready access to the water quality database maintained by the EPC, to Richard Eckenrod and Holly Greening (Tampa Bay NEP) for coordinating the development of the mechanistic and empirical Tampa Bay water quality models, to Anthony Janicki and David Wade (Coastal Environmental, Inc.) for providing a timely flow of information and output from the empirical model, to Mike Walters and colleagues (Dames and Moore) for compiling and reviewing information on pollutant loading sources, and to Greg Blanchard (Manatee County Department of Environmental Management), Tom Cardinale (Hillsborough County EPC), Roger Johansson (City of Tampa, Bay Studies Group), Kevin Petrus (Florida Department of Environmental Protection), and Gabriel Vargo (University of South Florida, Department of Marine Science) for helpful reviews of the mechanistic model.