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The 1998 "State of Tampa Bay" Report is the twelfth edition. It has been prepared in accordance with the rules of the Agency on Bay Management and funded by the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council. The Report highlights projects and programs underway around the Tampa Bay estuary and its watershed. It also provides an excellent overview of several programs of Baywide significance. In this edition are summaries submitted by the various researchers, activists, regulators and stewards engaged in understanding, managing, improving and restoring the estuary. From public education to watershed planning; seagrass monitoring to port improvements; the number and variety of projects is outstanding. The Tampa Bay community has been proactive in Bay issues for many years, and the level of cooperation among the diverse interests is unparalleled in the U.S. Our community, including the structures of the Agency on Bay Management and the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, is studied by others as a model for how to build an effective program.