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The Sprague Publishing Co.

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This issue contains stories for boys featuring sports, medieval adventure, friendship, heroism, science, emotions, clubs, history, and crafts.


Boys, Adventure stories, Advertising, Gender, Masculinity, Knights and knighthood, Cross-country running, Ice skating, Baseball, Military schools, Anxiety, Fighting, Sailing, Races (Sports), Stamp collecting, Mayflower (Ship), Curing (Medicine)


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"His Golden Spurs: A Tale of the Black Douglas" by Clarence B. Kelland; "How he won his 'Y': Life and sports at Yardley Hall" by Ralph Henry Barbour; "Science vs. skill in baseball: How inside baseball has decreased the batting, by perfecting defensive fielding" by I.E. Sanborn; "A Southerner's Well-earned success"; "Winning the Eagle Prize or the pluck of Billy Hazen" by Norman Brainerd; "A Blind Man's Victory" by Joseph L. Pulitzer; "'Our' Column"; "How Roy Made Good: A Cure for Shaky Nerves" by George M. Johnson; "A Lucky Cast: Luis proves his skill" by Elbridge H. Sabin; "Popular Science Department: A Department of Interest to Young and Old" by A. Hyatt Verrill; "Useful Knots and Splices" by Hyatt Verrill; "Pluck Against Strength: Illustrating the Hare and the Tortoise" by Worth Rey; "Stamps Coins & Curios" by Willard O. Wylie; "Boy Mechanic and Electrician" by Capt. H.A.R. Gray; "Graydon's 'L': An athlete who couldn't make the team" by Herbert Wyndham-Gittens; "The Great American Boy Army: For Manliness in Muscle Mind and Morals"; "For the Boys to Make" by John L. Dougheny; "A Loose Screw: Ingenuity That Paid a Handsome Return" by Dick Dickinson; "Current Events"; "Commenmorating Landing of the Mayflower" by George Whitefield D'vys; "How to cure yourself: Headache" by Dr. W.R. Latson;

The American Boy, August 1910



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