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The Sprague Publishing Co.

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This issue contains stories for boys featuring history, adventure, heroism, politics, government, sports, hunting, travel, money, and morals.


Boys, Adventure stories, Advertising, Gender, Masculinity, Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), History, Lacrosse, Soldiers, Fishing, Warfare, Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt Sr. (1894-1979), Student government, Gunfights, Sailors, Clowns, Rowing, Moose hunting, Frenchmen (French people), Gulf of Mexico, Stamps, Money


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Maine; Florida

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Henty Collection



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"Napoleon Bonaparte: A History Written for Boys by the Editor"; "Nita- A Tomboy soldier: The Last Story Written by the late G.A. Henty"; "American Boy Lyceum"; "Boys in Games and Sport: Lacrosse"; "Our Fishing Trip" by K.H.D.; "Just Too Late"; "Joe Jolly Boy"; "The President's Lively Son" by Waldon Fawcett; "American Boys and the Future" by Roscoe Kiper; "An Escape from Siberia"; "A High School House of Representatives"; "Fine deeds by brave boys-H. Irving King" by William Bainbridge; "For a Boys' 'Circus'" by J.C. Beard; "The Sons of Our Public Men" by Waldon Fawcett; "Jevenal Training for the Diamond Sculls"; "Three Good Cronies: Chapter 1-The Cat" by Gabrielle E. Jackson; "Moose Hunting in the Maine Woods" by Preston H. Uberroth; "French Boys and their Sports" by The Saint Maurs; "Printing Postage Stamps & currency" by Waldon Fawcett; "Boys in the School"; "Boys in the Home"; "Boy Money Makers and Money Savers"; "The Syracuse Pony Club";

The American Boy, June 1903



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