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Unity in Isolation: Reconciling Histories, Accentuating Difference

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The experiences of a Chicano, Mexicana, and Mexicano interconnect in Burlington, Vermont. Who would have thought? Each of the authors possesses a unique life experience that is rarely mirrored in everyday life at The University of Vermont. Through their narrative, each author expresses the complexity of their graduate experience from the three different perspectives: 1) a Chicano born in the United States; 2) a Mexicana who moved to the United States as a child; 3) a Mexicano who came to the United States as a teenager. Each author identifies strongly with their Mexican heritage yet arrived at it in different ways. Their histories are the same, only their experiences differ. This piece highlights their cultural and academic journey and how it translated into their interactions between one another in a predominately white environment.


Published in The Vermont Connection: The Student Affairs Journal of the University of Vermont, 23, 37 - 44. (2002)


University of Vermont

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