Administrators and Researchers

Administrators and Researchers


This community contains the personal collections of researchers, unaffiliated faculty, or administrators of USF St. Petersburg campus. Materials may be peer-reviewed or non peer-reviewed articles, presentations, reports, data sets, or more.

It is the intention of the USF St. Petersburg campus Digital Archive to comply with all U.S. and international copyright restrictions and to respect the intellectual property of all authors whose work is represented in the archive. If any individual or corporate entity has concerns about a specific item, please contact digcol at


Submissions from 2009

Latino Male Summit Capstone Speech: Latino/a Issues in Higher Education - Nourishing Partnerships., Jacob L. Diaz


Listening to your professional compass, Jacob L. Diaz

Nuestra Voces (Our Voices) II: Latino/a Doctoral Graduate Experiences., Jacob L. Diaz, M. Espino, J.R. Guardia, S. Mena, Judy Marquez Kiyama, and Susana M. Munoz

Innovative Strategies for Assessing Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs Organizations., Jacob L. Diaz, Lacretia E. Johnson, Pamela K. Gardner, and M. Nixon

Retaining each other on a predominantly White Campus., Jacob L. Diaz, B.T. Kelly, and Alvin A. Sturdivant

Submissions from 2008

Multicultural Competence in Student Conduct., Jacob L. Diaz, Michael M. DeBowes, and K. Martin_Anderson

Submissions from 2007

From Ambivalence to Action: Institutional Steps Towards Becoming a Multiculturally Affirming Campus., Michael M. DeBowes, Pamela K. Gardner, Jacob L. Diaz, Sabrina T. Kwist, Alvin A. Sturdivant, Kathryn A. Friedman, Lacretia E. Johnson, and Jamie Washington

New Professional and Graduate Student Institute, Jacob L. Diaz, R. Quirologico, K. Warren, and S. Rothberg

Submissions from 2005

Latino/a Student Racial/Ethnic Identity Development., M. Carter and Jacob L. Diaz

Keynote Speaker. The Graduate School Conference on Higher Education and Student Affairs. University of California, Santa Cruz., Jacob L. Diaz

Graduate Students of Color: Making Meaning., Jacob L. Diaz, Simon Hara, Czarina Ramsay, and Sadika Sulaiman

Graduate Students of Color: Making Meaning., Jacob L. Diaz, Simon Hara, Czarina Ramsay, and Sadika Sulaiman

[Trans]formations in Sadur's Pronikshie: Traditional form and modem anxiety., Sophia T. Wisniewska

Submissions from 2002


Unity in Isolation: Reconciling Histories, Accentuating Difference, Wilfrido Cruz, Jacob L. Diaz, and Tonantzìn Oceguera


Reflections of a new professional, Jacob L. Diaz

Dangerous Dialogues: Defining Moments in a Professional Career., R.D. Kelly, Jacob L. Diaz, and A. Stevens

Kys: An update of Tostaya's fiction., Sophia T. Wisniewska

Submissions from 2001


Moral conversation: The vehicle for dialogue about racism, Jacob L. Diaz

What are you? (De)Constructing the Latino Identity, Jacob L. Diaz and W. Cruz

Get a Life!?! Experiential activity that analyzes oppression from a race/class perspective., S.E. Smith, Jacob L. Diaz, W. Cruz, and S. Martin


Creating Campus Community: Institutional Responses to Lack of Cultural Competencies., Sherwood Smith, Sarah Conant Martin, Jacob L. Diaz, and Wilfrido Cruz

Submissions from 1999

Tat'iana Tolstaia., Sophia T. Wisniewska

Submissions from 1995

Myth, magic, and mysticism: Nina Sadur and the Bylichka tradition., Sophia T. Wisniewska

Submissions from 1994

Literature after Glasnost': Tolstaia as paradigm., Sophia T. Wisniewska

Polyphonic improvisation: Tolstaia's narrative voices., Sophia T. Wisniewska

Tat'iana Tolstaia and the revelation of Homo Sovieticus., Sophia T. Wisniewska

Submissions from 1992

Battle of the sexes: Language & gender in Tolstaia., Sophia T. Wisniewska

Submissions from 1990

Depleting dialectics: Tolstaia's world view., Sophia T. Wisniewska